How to maintain LCD video wall properly?

Nowadays, in the commercial display industry, the market share of LCD splicing screen is getting higher and higher, proper use and maintenance can greatly extend the service life of products, as one of the fragile products, how to maintain LCD video wall properly? Here are some suggestions from Color team:


1.Please keep the on-site LCD Video Wall well, do not touch the surface of the screen. Broken screen and liquid leakage due to improper installation are not covered by the warranty.



2.Requirements for air conditioning design

The maintenance channel should be well ventilated. The temperature & humidity on the front of the display wall and the maintenance channel should be as consistent as possible. The air should maintain circulating convection to avoid obvious temperature differences, the air outlet of the air conditioner should be far away from the display wall, and the air outlet should face the ceiling. The air conditioner must not be blown directly against the display wall to avoid damage and condensation caused by uneven heating and cooling of the display wall screen. Party A shall be responsible for the irreparable failures such as liquid leakage or water ingress of the LCD screen due to environmental reasons.


3.Requirements for on-site decoration

After the screen is installed, the on-site decoration needs to take measures to

protect the screen to prevent dust from contaminating the screen, and the screen broken, leaking, scratched and other irreparable faults caused by any accidental collisions. If Part A wants to decorate around the screen, pls leave a gap of at least 2mm between the decorative wall and the screen body as a safe range for thermal expansion and shrinkage of the screen edge. At the same time, the decoration

materials on the top and sides are recommended to be designed as detachable structures to facilitate subsequent maintenance and disassembly of the screen. It is forbidden to rely on the top decoration material to load on the screen.


4.Requirements for the environment

The internal design of the screen is very precise. Pls avoid working in a humid environment for a long time. The humid environment can easily cause oxidation and corrosion of the circuit board and cause damage to the screen. The ideal working environment temperature is 22℃±5℃, and the ideal relative humidity is 30% to 70% without condensation.


5.Do not assemble the LCD screen by yourself if you encounter problems.

If there is a problem with the screen, it is forbidden to assemble it by yourself. Once the device is found to be abnormal, you should find the manufacturer and do

troubleshoot under the manufacturer’s guidance.


6.Avoid working at full capacity for a long time on the LCD Video Wall.

Long-time working of the LCD screen can easily lead to overheating of some pixel dots. Once the limit is exceeded, it will cause permanent damage, accelerate its aging, and even burn out in severe cases. It is recommended not to work continuously for more than 20 hours a day. If you must keep them working at full capacity for 7*24 hours, please ensure that you use the control software to shut down for 3 minutes every day, or avoid displaying the same signal source for a long time, you can change the screen display at different time intervals.


7.The right method of cleaning the surface of the LCD screen.

If you find dirt on the surface of the LCD screen, you should use the correct method to remove the dirt. The medium used should preferably be a soft, non-fiber material, such as absorbent cotton, lens tissue or soft cloth. Usable cleaning agents include isopropanol and ethane. It is forbidden to use chemical solutions such as alcohol, such as acetone, ethanol, toluene, methyl chloride and other substances. Rough cloth or paper can’t be used either, these substances are easy to cause scratches on the screen.


8.The LCD Video Wall should not be used in a location exposed to sunlight. If there are any windows or glass walls on both sides or back of the screen that cause sunlight exposure, curtains and other shading measures should be taken.


9.Suggestions for power supply

Unstable voltage will damage the screen signal system. Please keep the 220V±10V regulated power supply and keep the equipment grounded.


10.Check the fans inside regularly to keep the maintenance channel clean.

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