Exhibition Preview: Infocomm Asia

This July, Color will participate in the Infocomm Asia. At this exhibition, our exhibits will include but are not limited to digital signage, LCD video wall, and interactive flat panel. Welcome to meet us at Hall 2,R34 of Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC), Bangkok, Thailand from 17 July-21 July 2024.

LCD vs LED Displays: What’s the Difference?

Display technology has greatly changed how we access information and entertainment. Old CRT monitors were once common, but new materials and electronics advanced LCD and LED screens. LCDs helped start the trend of flat, slim displays that now connect our world. Later, LED technology further revolutionized displays with self-emissive solutions. Today, LCD and LED systems […]

What is difference between IPS and TFT panels?

What is a TFT Display Technology? The word TFT means Thin Film Transistor. It is the technology that is used in LCD displays.  We have additional resources if you would like to learn more about what is a TFT Display. This type of LCDs is also categorically referred to as an active-matrix LCD. These LCDs […]